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I have never been to an event like this. What happens?

MegaCon is a playground for fans of all ages who love genres from gaming to sci-fi to comics and more! A weekend at MegaCon can include participation in a gaming tournament, snagging a professional photo-op or autograph with your favorite actor, watching comic greats duke it out in a sketch duel and much more!

If that isn’t enough for your senses, try the Exhibit Hall where you’ll find everything from major companies showcasing their latest products to local vendors stocked with unique fandom wares. 

How Much Does it Cost?

See Tickets link for updated information. NOTE: Lost wristbands, or any wristbands that have been damaged/tampered with, will not be replaced by MegaCon.

When is it?

May 25 – May 28, 2017.

Thursday – 4PM – 9PM

Friday – 10AM – 7PM

Saturday – 10AM – 7PM

Sunday – 10AM – 5PM 


Where is it?



How Do I Get a Guest’s Autograph?

Most guests will be signing autographs whenever they are not at a Q&A Panel or Photo-Op. Most accept CASH ONLY, and you can purchase their autograph at their table. Guest locations will be noted in the program.

What Should I Have Signed?

Guests will usually have 8×10 prints at their table for you to choose from. Often, they are included with the autograph fee, but some guests occasionally charge an additional fee.

Can I Have My Own Item Signed?        

Usually, yes. Guests will often sign toys, large posters, and other unique items. Some do charge more for a premium item and this is at their discretion.

How Much Does an Autograph Cost?

Autograph fees vary per guest. We will update the website as prices are confirmed. We do not always get a confirmed price before the show, and sometimes (rarely) prices change at the guest’s discretion once they arrive at the show. Click on a guest’s picture on the guest page to see their autograph fee, and please remember that autographs are cash only.

How Do Line Jumps for VIP Ticket Holders Work?

VIP Ticket Holders may jump any autograph line by showing their VIP Badge and Wristband at the VIP Assistance Counter in the Autograph Hall. Please note, this is only to purchase an autograph and may not be used otherwise. Autographs are separate fees and are not included with VIP admission. VIPs may not jump ahead of other VIPs.



Where do I Purchase Photo-Ops?

Purchase in advance by clicking here or purchase from Epic Photo Ops at the show! Their location will be marked in your program.


How Do Line Jumps for VIP Ticket Holders Work?

VIP Ticket Holders may jump any photo-op line by showing their VIP Badge and Wristband in the photo-op area. Please note, photo-ops are separate fees and are not included with VIP admission. VIPs may not jump ahead of other VIPs.



What is a Q&A Panel?

A Q&A panel is a programming session about a specific topic or guest. The panelist speakers are often fans or professionals who work in the related industry, or celebrity guests. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions, witness amazing banter between celebs and their fans, and learn about techniques & upcoming projects.

Where are the Q&A Panels and Programming Sessions?

MegaCon has multiple rooms of programming, and many are first come first served. Their locations, times, and information on sessions will be in your program.

When Can I Start Lining Up for a Q&A Panel?

Once a Q&A Presentation has begun in the Main Theater, we will begin forming lines for the next presentation. 

What about VIP Ticket Holders?

VIP ticket holders have guaranteed, but not reserved, seating in the Main Theater and will be admitted first. VIP ticket holders must be in line at least 30 minutes before a Main Theater Presentation to enjoy this benefit.

**Does not apply to special ticketed panels unless otherwise 




Costume Contest

This is one of the most popular events of MegaCon. Fans get their chance to show off their fantastic costume creations in front of a live audience and a panel of expert judges for prizes. Most costumes are related to what our fans love most, Comics, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Anime. The effort put forth by the contestants in this event is incredible and should not be missed! There are separate contests for adults and kids, and more information will be available at the show.


What is your Props and Weapons Policy?

View our props policy here: Props and Weapons Policy

What is our Harassment Policy?

View our policy here: Violence and Harassment



Who’s coming to MegaCon?

Please check our “Guest” links by clicking here for the most updated list of who will be appearing at MegaCon.

When will you be announcing more guests?

Guest Announcements are made available to the public through our website, social media pages, and our electronic mailing list. We only announce guests after a set date.

MegaCon advertised “guest name here” but I could not find him/her at the show, what’s the deal?

Every year a very small percentage of our guests cannot join us as planned. The reasons are endless and in some cases leaving very little time to change schedules and advertising. If a guest cancels we will give as much notice as possible. Also, not all guests attend MegaCon for the entire length of show operating hours. If you are only visiting for a couple of hours, you will likely miss some of your favorite guests as they may be scheduled for all different kinds of events throughout the event. Please join us for the whole weekend and don’t miss out!

When will you post a tentative schedule?

A tentative hour by hour schedule will be posted before the show on the web site. The final version appears in the show program which you will receive at the admission counter. Occasionally there are last minute changes to the printed program, and we will do our best to advertise those changes on our website and mobile schedule.



VIP & Premium Lounges

The VIP and Premium Lounges are exclusive areas for VIP and Premium Ticket Holders to recharge and relax. VIP/Premium Ticket Holders may enter their respective lounges at any time during show hours. Ticket Holders must show their VIP/Premium Badge and Wristband to be admitted into their lounge. Please note, items and belongings may not be stored in the lounges.

MegaCon Kid’s Lounge

The MegaCon Kid’s Lounge is a rest area for families with children ages 12 and under to recharge. Meet us in the Kid’s Lounge where you can show off your coloring skills and maybe even meet a Superhero! This is not a drop-off area and children must be attended by an adult at all times. Please note, items and belongings may not be stored in the lounge.



What are Artist Alley and Small Press?

The Artist Alley is the hub for all professional and amateur artists.  This special area is where these artists display and sell their art and related products. They also meet with the fans face to face and many do sketches live for commission, sign and sell previously published works. Small Press is a big part of the Artist Alley and features mostly amateur artists and publishers who are trying to make their way into the industry. Many professional artists working today cut their teeth in the small press grassroots before breaking into the mainstream publishing industry. Very often, the participating small press publishers offer items that have no other distribution than MegaCon, so this is the only chance fans have to see and purchase their wares.

What are the rules on photography?

Photography is allowed in most areas of MegaCon. Please be respectful when taking pictures and ask your subjects if it is okay to photograph them. Some guests may request no photography at their tables and Q&A panels – signs and volunteers will be present in these areas. Please honor all requests for no photography.

What is your Accessibility Policy?

View our policy here: Accessibility Policy

I lost my eTicket! How can I reprint it?

Lost your e-ticket? Click here to have it resent. 

How do I fasten my wristband?

Click here to view the wristband fastening instructions.